Underwater Excursions in Virtual Reality Ages 8+ @ Ada Vista Open to District

Dates:March 4, 2020
Meets:W from 3:10 PM to 4:15 PM
Location:AV TBA
Instructor:Greg Wander
Fee: $25.00  Fee Breakdown

There are still openings remaining at this time.


Course Description

Go on an ocean safari and see the great humpback whale, dolphins, great white sharks, turtles, and more! Then travel to the Great Barrier Reef, particularly looking at the biodiversity, different coral types, coral structure, coral damage and growth factors. Finally, we'll go into the deep ocean. Due to the high pressure, low visibility, and inhospitable conditions, more people have traveled into space than visited the deep oceans. The VR technology used at the school locations is educational, interactive, and phone-based, but not a wearable headset.