Watercolor: Beginners & Intermediate

Dates:February 24 - March 30, 2020
Meets:M from 10:00 AM to 12 N, 6 sessions
Location:FAC AIR Room
Instructor:Mary Carter
Fee: $109.00  Fee Breakdown

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Course Description

This is your chance to paint using watercolors! Beginners will learn the basic skills in a no-pressure environment. There will be specific instruction in painting techniques and time to practice at your own pace. Students will keep a sketchbook of notes and examples for future reference. Students may work on a teacher-generated project or one of their own choosing. A materials list will be provided upon registration.


Paint: If you have painted with watercolors before, just bring what you have. If you are starting from scratch, w/c’s come in tubes or pans. They all work the same way, regardless of quality. Tubes are not better than pans. Either is fine. Michael’s has some very inexpensive pan w/c sets that are fine for learning. Amazon has many choices, my favorite being Kuretake MC2036V Gansai Tambi 36 color set. If you are interested in the tube form, they are available in sets at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Service Reproduction, and Amazon. You won’t need large tubes - a little w/c goes a very long way, and paint in tubes can dry up and become unusable. Brushes: Good brushes are important! Get the best you can afford. You should have at least 4: a No.12 round, a No. 8 round, a fine detail brush, and a 1/2 inch flat. The round brushes should come to a nice sharp point. 2 Water Containers: These can be any kind of container that is not tippy. It should be either clear or have a white interior. Recycled cottage cheese containers work great. Spray Bottle: A recycled cleaner sprayer works fine. Just test it with water inside to make sure it sprays evenly, w/o splotches. Sketchbook: Canson XL 7 x 10” spiral bound book that says “watercolor” or “Aquarelle”. These are available a Michael’s and on Amazon. Palette: Pan watercolors come with their own palette. For tubes, you can use any commercial plastic or porcelain palette, paper plate, plastic plate, china plate. Small Pointed Scissors Pencil: HB if possible. Eraser: A soft, white eraser is important. Black Waterproof Pen: This should be a pen with a fine tip, not a marker. Plain White Picture Mat: 8 x 10” outside measurement Box of Tissues: A box of plain white tissues, without lotion or scent. Small packets are also OK. Paper Towels: A roll of plain white paper towels Waxed Paper: A roll or a few sheets of waxed paper